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Everyone's Place is in the Resistance

Pamela DeweyComment

Hi friends.

This last week has been rough.  

Like many of you, I’ve been left feeling helpless, defeated and wondering what I can do.

The answer I’ve come with is we can resist. We can refuse to accept the orders Trump is enacting against our neighbors, friends and family.

We can stand up and say this is not my president, and this is not what I believe in.

We can write letters. We can attend rallies. We can meet with other concerned citizens and plan future resistance.

And we can support organizations that are actively fighting against this regime.

The Vintage Modern shop wants to add our support as well. For every Feminist and I am a Nasty Woman framed print we sell, we will donate  $1 to Planned Parenthood and $1 to the American Civil Liberties Union. Read more about the ACLU here.

We will restock the prints when stocks deplete. And we will continue to resist.