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The Vintage Modern shop Gets Some Street Cred

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Hi friends.

You ever have one of those super productive days where you feel like you’re conquering the world?

I had one of those days on Sunday. I put away laundry, washed dishes, scraped painted-over wallpaper (something I have been putting off for about 6 years), worked on an end table and made a fancy pizza.

Things I did not do. Write a blog. Crap. That I absolutely forgot.

With all that getting shit done, I didn’t look at my calendar and think, hey girl, you need to write a blog today. 

So this week’s blog is late. Sorry friends.

Back to that end table. I have been working on a bit of a living room/bedroom/entryway redesign at my house. It has been slow process because I am on a budget. Last week, I finally found a sectional in my price range.

Buying a sectional means I needed make some room. An end table needed to go, so I decided to give it a makeover to sell. So be on the lookout for that new beauty in the shop soon.

The sectional I settled on was one from an online store. (I looked on Craigslist many, many times in this search.) But I ultimately decided to go for a new sectional with a vintage look.

I was excited, but also nervous. I was buying a couch without ever getting to sit on it or see it in person.

But the reviews were good, and the website also had a chat feature. I was able to ask someone questions about the sectional, like the level of firmness. The representative told me it was a medium firm, which sounded about right.

I was also able to order fabric samples, which was helpful.

Without fabric samples, I might have ordered a hot pink couch because well, I could order a hot pink couch. After seeing the fabric in person, I knew hot pink wasn’t for someone who likes to drink wine (and occasionally spill it) or for Max Wiener (my dachshund). 

I decided to go with a dark charcoal grey with flecks of lighter grey. 

Now I am waiting for my sectional to be assembled and delivered. I still don’t know what my couch will feel/look like in person. But so far, I think I made a good decision.

But after such an extensive research process, it occurred to me that maybe the Vintage Modern shop needed to add a little street cred too.

So I added a Customer Reviews page to the site, which features pictures and feedback from some of our happy customers.

I get it.

It is scary to make a purchase online from a company you haven’t heard of before. You don’t know who that person is or what to expect.


I’m Pam Dewey, and this is my shop. I am not a shady online figure trying to scam you out of your cash.

I am just a lady who loves all things vintage, home design and refinishing furniture. And if you need some bona fides, check out some reviews.

And please feel free to drop me a line!

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