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Hey Girl (And Guy), Did You Know I Write a Blog?

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Hi friends.

Here's a confession: I am not the best salesperson. 

But I own a vintage store?! Yep. I do. 

Because I love refinishing furniture and finding vintage gems. 

I am particularly not the best salesperson when it comes to selling myself. (And not in a lady of the night kind of way.)

It makes me uncomfortable to list off my accomplishments or talk about my best qualities. I am not particularly great in an interview. (And let’s not even get into giving a presentation.)

I'm an introvert, and all of these things fight against all my wallflower tendencies.

It is much easier for me to tell you how great my best friend’s band is (really it is) or talk about how I just discovered this amazing writer.

This puts the person I am talking about in the spotlight, and lets me hover comfortably in the shadows. 

It is one reason I love writing so much. It is a solitary activity. It is just me and my laptop.

And if you are writing fiction, you can disappear into your characters. Your characters can say all the beautiful, clever and brave things. Which is a truly lovely thing for an introvert, believe me.

But I write things other than fiction. I write creative nonfiction (which is essentially about me), and of course, I write this blog.

This blog is certainly not all about me, but as the owner of this shop, it is about me connecting with my customers and providing them useful content.

Since I am the one writing the beautiful, clever things on here, it is probably time I took ownership of that.

Don’t worry because there is no chance I am going to become one of THOSE salespeople. I just don't have it in me. But I am going start acknowledging that what I provide here is helpful and interesting. (There I said it!) And I am going to be a lot less shy about sharing it.

Because I think you’ll like it. But if not, that’s cool too.

Who doesn't love a good Ryan Gosling meme?!  Source

Who doesn't love a good Ryan Gosling meme?! Source

So hello again! I’m Pam Dewey, and I own this online vintage shop based in lovely Minneapolis, MN. I also write this blog.

And I am going to keep writing and sharing my content. Wallflower tendencies be damned.