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3 Things I Want More of This Year

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Happy New Year Friends!

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to make a fresh start.

But I’m not one to make resolutions because resolutions seem like things that tend to not get accomplished.

So you aren’t going to see any lists about cutting out carbs or cheese here. Neither of those things are going to happen. Nor do I want them to happen. Because pasta. And Camembert.  

And honestly, I would rather have more things in my life, not less. So this year, I am making goals about things I want more of.  (I know, I know, it’s basically the same thing, but I just think goals sound more productive than resolutions.) So here are my 2018 goals to bring more good things into my life (and into the shop).

1.      Make more art.

When I say art, I mean art in all meanings of the word. I mean paint more, write more and just in general, create more things. I certainly am not limiting this to just making things for the shop. I want to push myself to make all kinds of art in 2018. Because the more I am creating, the happier I am. And who doesn’t want more happiness in their life?

This year I want to make more art. All kinds of art.

This year I want to make more art. All kinds of art.

2.      Express gratitude more often.

My mother definitely raised me to say thank you and show appreciation. And I certainly say thank you, but I don’t always say thank you about the really important things. Like when your friends make the four hour drive from Iowa to Minnesota hang out with you, even though your friend only has one weekend a month off. Or when a friend texts you and says, we haven’t hung out in a bit, we should hang out soon.

As a single person who lives alone (and don’t get me wrong I enjoy spending time by myself), I sometimes get a little isolated. That is why it is so wonderful when friends or family reach out. It shows they are thinking about me, and they miss me. It makes my heart warm just thinking about it.

So this year, I am going to be way less shy about expressing my gratitude for these moments.

And certainly for everyone who has supported my little vintage store, I am incredibly grateful for you. So thank you, thank you. I appreciate your support.

3.      Forgive myself more.

This is something I have written about before. I am pretty hard on myself. Having goals and aspirations are certainly important. I mean, I am making this list.

But if I don’t get everything done on my to do list today, that’s okay too. There is always tomorrow. And the next day. Not every moment of every day needs to be filled with productivity. You need to stop and be still and recharge sometimes. And I need to not beat myself up for taking time like this. That time is important too.

I’ve gotten into podcasts over the last few years, and one podcast I listen to is Death, Sex, & Money. During an episode, host Anna Sale interviewed actress Ellen Burstyn. Burstyn talked about being an overachiever. But she also talked about how she has started doing Should Days to create balance in her life. Should Days are days when Burstyn doesn’t do anything she should do, but only does things she wants to do. It’s a pretty spectacular concept, and I think one a lot of us could use in our lives.

So here’s to a new year filled with more art-making, more gratitude and heckuva lot more Should Days.

Cheers, friends. 

Worry less. Do More.

Minneapolis vintage store, Minnesota Makers, Upcycling, Women in Business, Failure, Creative ClassPamela DeweyComment

Hi friends.

I can’t even remember where I saw this saying, except it was somewhere down a rabbit hole on the internet.

But it really stuck with me. And it fits along with trying to not be so hard on myself. Like not everything I try the first time is going to be a success. Or even the second time. That’s ok.

Failure is a part of the process. I know I have talked about that too before, but it is a lesson I will forever need to learn and re-learn.

Because I am still pretty hard on myself. Like when I run out of time to get a project finished. Or when I work on a project, and it doesn’t turn out well. 

I feel like a failure. Even when I know I shouldn’t, I do. And then I don’t want to fail again, so…

Yeah. You can see where this is going. I beat myself up for not finishing things quicker. I get scared to try other things.

I worry. I worry. I worry.

So I like this mantra because it tells you to get out of your head. Don’t listen to that voice of self-doubt, and do the thing you’ve been wanting to do.

Like pom poms.

I’ve been all about pom poms for a while now. I know I’m not alone here.

I have two different sets of pom pom curtains in my house. I bought this little pom pom bag charm from Jefa Moda Mexicana at a Girl Creative event. Not to mention all the pom pom earrings I keep wanting to buy and then not buying. (I am pretty into smaller earrings now that my hair is super short. But still…)

So I finally bought myself a pom pom maker a couple of weeks ago. You can create pom poms without a maker, but it is supposed to be a lot easier if you have one. (Full disclosure: Making pom poms is not hard at all, but if you can make it easier on yourself, you should.)

The other night, I decided to try to make my first pom pom.

Admittedly, the instructions weren't great. But there was a YouTube video that showed not my exact pom pom maker, but one pretty close.

As I was watching it, I was thinking this is one of the most soothing videos I’ve ever listened to/watched. Haha.

When I was struggling to free my pom pom, I worried I would ruin it. (And maybe you’re thinking what kind of person gets worried about ruining a pom pom? This girl right here. That’s who.)

After I freed it and trimmed it up (I think this is where practice helps), I had a medium-sized purple pom pom. It’s not the worst pom pom ever. Nor is it the best pom pom ever.

But I had tried something new, and I had this pom pom to show for it.

The not-the-worst-or-the-best pom pom.

The not-the-worst-or-the-best pom pom.

What a tiny thing.

But then not-so tiny either. I had done more and worried less.

So what tiny or not-so tiny thing have you been afraid to try? Why not just try it? Who cares if you fail? You can always try again. Or try something new.

I promise you that worrying less and doing more feels a heck of a lot better than doing nothing.